Sponsor Opportunities

Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities

Kids Korps has the staff and ability to make your volunteer event successful.  We can work with your organization in the planning and implementation of volunteer service experiences for youth and adults alike throughout San Diego. Through Kids Korps Party For Purpose, you can select and benefit one or more of the recipient organizations that we support or one that you may already support.

Let us help you position and promote your company or organization by introducing your participants, clients, constituents, friends, neighbors and/or workplace employees to a variety of community and social issues. We work to instill in all those who participate a sense of responsibility, satisfaction and desire to make volunteering a part of their life.

Select from one of our pre-designed volunteer experiences or our team will work with you to create your own custom event:

Party for Purpose

Kids Korps has developed a wide range of opportunities for organizations to add a community purpose to planned employee based, client or community related events.  Kids Korps will tailor a volunteer service experience and will select recipient(s) based upon your corporate or organizational theme.  Kids Korps works with a number of companies and organizations to develop volunteer experiences during their holiday parties, annual picnics, BBQ, conventions, annual meetings and other events.

  • Create a unique and interactive experiential platform to promote your corporate mission and core values
  • Opportunity to directly connect with your core target audiences
  • Strengthen positioning of your brand
  • Showcase your products and services including select product/service usage in conjunction with the project
  • Encourage involvement of vendors and consumer prospects
  • Add a deeply meaningful and memorable program to planned events

Signature Service Programs

Kids Korps can tailor a signature service program to your mission, product/service and/or target market. Your company or organization can underwrite a service focus area that includes project access and promotion year-round: Environment, Animals, Food & Shelter, Health & Disabilities, Leadership & Education and Senior Citizens.

  • Create a fitting cobranded platform between your organization and the cause/issue
  • Design customized quarterly volunteer projects
  • Associate your company name with themed initiatives
  • Encourage customer participation in and access to simple volunteer opportunities
  • Engage employees and their families in volunteer outreach
  • Connect company, employees and customers with non-profits, vendors and medias
  • Bridge foundation and marketing efforts though cooperative community service
  • Drive traffic retailers through cause-related direct marketing
  • Incorporate media partners in promoting your signature service program
  • Utilize social marketing to connect your corporate foundation with key constituents

Corporate Korps

Kids Korps has designed the Corporate Korps program for companies that wish to engage their employees, employee families and customers in year-round community service and outreach.  Kids Korps will create, maintain and track the outcomes and service hours from your Corporate Korps chapter.  The chapter model is one perfected by Kids Korps, membership starts with just one chapter leader and 10 members from your company and can include hundreds or more ultimately. Corporate Korps’ mission is to create a conscious and community minded culture within organizations that unites employees, their families, senior staff, customers and recipient audiences together.

  • Improve employee morale and loyalty
  • Strengthen employee retention efforts
  • Increase the quality and effectiveness of recruitment efforts
  • Create a strong bond between company staff, channel partners and end-consumers
  • Generate goodwill among customers resulting in brand affinity
  • Engage customers and consumers in your community service efforts
  • Increase credibility among key stakeholders including board, employees, investors, vendors, media and consumers

As demand grows, Kids Korps is looking for partners to adopt existing or develop new chapters.  Join us in supporting one of more than 65 regional chapters: adopt a neighborhood, school, member organization or community center.  Below are some sample projects available to Corporate Korps partners:

For more information and samples events: Download PDF Brochure

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